The Burgeon Team


Karen Quigley (CPM,LM, IBCLC)

Karen is over 30 years deep into maternal health care. She began as a childbirth educator, doula and birth assistant and is now a licensed midwife and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Karen has experience with her own home births and supporting others in birth only at home in multiple states and settings in the U.S. but also abroad when she traveled to Davao, Philippines to serve at a birth center as an intern. Her heart of hearts is to see families reclaim their right to birth with strength and confidence. She also has a passion for training students to spread midwifery all over the world.

Sarah Larsen
Primary Midwife under supervision

*complete bio and photo coming soon*

Sharel Bratcher *photo coming soon*
Apprentice midwife

Sharel is 6 years plus into birth work which started out as a birth photographer when she was 9 months pregnant with her first after graduating from TWU with a degree in Child Development and Art. Her passion for supporting, families by teaching informed consent, child birth education, and lactation support came from her personal birth experiences out of hospital and the births she experienced as a photographer. She became a certified doula through Still Birth Day and jumped in serving families full time at birth centers, hospitals and at home during the pandemic and now trains other doulas to do the same while she focuses more on midwifery. Sharel has experience serving many families including families going through loss, infertility, birth trauma, IVF, and now surrogacy as she completes her first surrogate journey through IVF.

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