The Burgeon Team


Karen Quigley (LM, IBCLC)

Karen is nearly 30 years deep into maternal health care. She began as a childbirth educator, doula and birth assistant and is now a licensed midwife and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Karen has experience not only at home in the U.S. but also abroad when she traveled to Davao, Philippines to serve at a birth center as an intern. Her heart of hearts is to see families reclaim their right to birth with strength and confidence. She also has a passion for training students to spread midwifery all over the world.



Alyssa Gaiser (LSM, CD, CBE)

Alyssa has been serving women as a birth and postpartum doula since 2013 and just had her first baby in April 2015 at home. She completed childbirth education courses and doula workshops through DONA (Doulas of North America) and is now studying to become a licensed midwife. Her desire is to see her favorite place in the world, New Mexico, receive healing and hope through quality care. Alyssa believes that a woman’s birth experience has the potential to transform not only the birther but entire families and communities.


Victoria Thomas (LSM)

I’m 20 years old and originally from Louisville, Kentucky. Growing up I always knew I wanted to work with babies, and now that dream is coming true and coming together in ways I could never imagine. Right out of high school, I attended a school called YWAM (Youth With A Mission) through the University of the Nations where I was encouraged to come up with a vision of how I would want to see the world change. When midwifery came to mind my heart became full and excited to get on the journey to become one. Soon after, I went to a school called GoMidwife in Kona, Hawaii where my heart grew even more for midwifery, mommas and the birthing process. I want women to have the best birth and find new strength in it. I want them to believe in birth and believe they can do it. I want to help women and babies have the safe and comfortable birth experience they want to have. It’s a privilege to walk through pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period with mothers and to fight for, encourage, and believe in them through it all. There is so much to be learned through the process of pregnancy and birth, and there is so much beauty to be seen in the midst of labor. I am looking forward to my time as Karen’s apprentice. I am going through NARM to get certified and also getting licensed through the state of New Mexico.


Erika Carson Wilmot (LMHC)

Erika is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who specializes in maternal health. A mother of three, she was greatly affected and transformed by the birth of her first daughter 21 years ago. Though a hospital birth, she experienced the fulfillment of natural childbirth in a supportive setting with a kind and respectful obstetrician. A home birth followed five years later with the arrival of her son Jasper, now 15 years old. Little Clover Ann was born at home just three years ago. Her experience with midwifery and excellent prenatal and perinatal care led her to train as a doula which she has done for the past eleven years, four of which as a Presbyterian Hospital doula. Erika has a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and incorporates creative expression as part of therapy. Erika’s vision is to work with women and families throughout the “pregnancy year.” From conception through the postpartum months, there is a road a woman must walk. No one can walk this road for her, but no woman should ever have to walk alone. Individual counseling, as well as group sessions and classes will be offered as Burgeon Birth grows and expand in service to mothers and families.