Home Birth

Midwives Have Excellent Outcomes

Across our planet, eighty percent of people alive today have been born with midwives. In many of the industrialized countries of the world, midwives attend approximately 70% of all births. The countries with the lowest mortality and morbidity rates for mothers and infants are those in which midwifery is a valued and integral pillar of the maternity care system. The midwifery model is a low-tech, high-caring model that produces excellent outcomes not only for low risk clients, but for vulnerable and at-risk people as well.  ( MANA The Midwives Alliance of North America)

All of your Prenatal care ,labor,  birth and postpartum care can be done in your own home.  We support Water birth, Breech, Twins, and VBAC and more.

Investment for midwifery care – $5500.00 plus travel fees if applicable.
Call, email, or text us to set up a free consultation to see if our team is a good fit to serve your family.


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