“What a special and beautiful home birth we had with the help of our incredibly knowledgeable and experienced midwife! We are so blessed to have her expertise on our team. She made our experience of bringing our first child into the world truly OUR OWN. Every step of the way, Karen helped us to navigate unbiasedly through the sea of information on the subject of birthing. Every decision we made, prenatally through postpartum, was respectfully and honestly answered. Every home visit was an absolute delight. Moreover, we moved to the Albuquerque area at 29 weeks pregnant and Karen transferred our care seamlessly. I cannot say enough about how much her care has meant to us. Karen’s services were definitely an answer to our prayers!”

“We had a amazing experience having a home birth, I feel very empowered and happy that we were able to make all the choices that fit best for our family. We are so blessed we found Karen and Louise. . . We had great time at each appointment, along with our pregnancy and postpartum check ups. Each visit was a conversation where they took the time to explain all of our options and answer all of our questions.
Our birth was beautiful, thanks to my husband and our midwives support. Thank you for all your love and support Karen!”

“Thank you Karen. You guided us through a late-in-life, unplanned pregnancy and you supported my wife and helped her grow into a beautiful mother. I’m so grateful to you for our beautiful little boy and for his wonderful mother.”

“I just wanted to take a minute and give my recommendation for Karen Quigley as a
midwife and the Burgeon Midwifery team. To date I have used 2 OBGYNs, 3 midwives, and interviewed many more midwives in the Albuquerque area. Karen Quigley has left a huge impression on my life in many ways and I would recommend her to anyone choosing quality care and a professional, caring homebirth experience.

First: I love how Karen comes to your home for all of your pre and postnatal visits. She
enjoys teaching students and brings students with her as often as she can, to get hands on practice and training. She was always on time, and the one time she had to cancel she let me know in advance, and made rescheduling as easy as possible. She worked around my home environment, which meant children being loud and curious, toys and clutter all over the floor, and lots of distractions. She always took time to care about me, pray for
me, and be genuinely interested in my life in areas above and beyond just my pregnancy.

Second: Her level of professionalism is exceptional. She clearly knows what she is doing
and she isn’t afraid of complications or challenges. She took time to explain what was
going on at each step, giving me informed decisions rather than telling me to do things
one way, and she spent more time being interested in my body and my baby than I have
ever received in an office environment. She was well rounded in every area of
knowledge: from nutrition, prenatal care, baby’s position and development, postnatal
care, breastfeeding, delivery and postpartum, depression, etc. I was very impressed with
how much she shared with us in regards to the pregnancy, healing and recovery, our
infant’s well being, even down to my hormones and mood swings after delivery. She is
always available, via text or a phone call, and if she wasn’t available she responded

Third: Her attitude is remarkable. She is always happy and calm, she has confidence in
her abilities and also knows when its time to transfer care to someone else, or to seek
Medical help from outside sources. I liked how she brought help with her to the delivery,
because it was important to cover care for each person involved (mom and baby), and she made sure I was comfortable with whomever she brought, before the birth. She was
patient and comfortable in letting me take my time during birth and recovery and yet
ready and prepared for each part of the process.

I just cannot say enough about how highly I recommend Karen (Burgeon Midwifery) for
anyone seeking an absolutely wonderful birth experience and quality pre and post natal

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