Midwifery Care – Comprehensive Prenatal , labor, birth postpartum and Newborn care up to 6 – 8 weeks postpartum. This service is all in the comfort of your home or in office if available. Global Fee For Care : $5500 lab package $500.00 birth assist fee paid directly to the birth assist $500.00. Through care you get the whole team for the price of one midwife.

Breastfeeding & Lactation consultation and care– If you need support beyond the standard of care for postpartum Karen is an IBCLC International Board Certified Lactation Consultant . One 2 hour home visit is $150.00 . If you need a second visit , the second visit is $100.00. If you need a third visit the third visit is $75.00 . If you are over 20 miles outside my area there is a $15.00 travel fee.

Doula / Monitrice Support & Care- A Monitrice is Doula care Plus. A Monitrice can come and listen to fetal heart tones . She can do internal exams to asses dilation and effacement. She has had midwifery training and has the skill sets of a Doula, and Midwife. In the Monitrice role she does not “deliver” your babe she compliments your birth team with experienced and skilled support; Physically , emotionally , and spiritually. This is a perfect option for those birthing in the hospital or birth center especially. First time birthing families benefit immensely form Monitrice support and care. The cost for care is 1,800.00 . This service includes two prenatal visits in home one hour each, labor and birth support, and one postpartum visit .

Child Birth Education classes

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